Online Esmonde Technique Essentrics Instructor Training Program

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The Online Esmonde Technique Essentrics Instructor Training Program is designed to train students to become certified Essentrics instructors. The Esmonde Technique’s Essentrics workout has three main teaching demographics; average people, high performance athletes and dancers, and those in need of therapeutic rehabilitation. This online certification is your gateway into becoming an Essentrics instructor. After completing the four levels included in Essentrics Training Course 1 and Course 2, you will be able to teach Essentrics to average people and be well on your way to working with high performance athletes and dancers. You will also be able to understand how to help clients with basic conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis using the knowledge you have learned in these 4-levels. Completing the university course, gives you a competitive edge when looking for a job as an Essentrics instructor.

For average clients the Essentrics program is aimed at strengthening the full body, increasing full body flexibility, slenderizing the look of the muscles, improving posture, toning your arms, flattening and strengthening the abs, losing weight and reducing inches overall. In addition with Essentrics you will learn how to help relieve the client of many types of chronic pain including back, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain.

In the Essentrics certification you will learn how to use The Esmonde Technique to achieve rapid, safe and permanent results. You will learn the philosophy, physiology, techniques, objectives, and anatomy as related to the Essentrics program while using the hundreds of exercises taught in this certification.

The Esmonde Technique has been tested on tens of thousands of people and proven to be safe, fun and effective. Once clients discover all the benefits of Essentrics they will remain with you forever offering you a solid career as an Essentrics instructor.

Certificate Program Structure
This program is comprised of 2 required core courses and 3 required elective courses:

2 required core courses:
  • Essentrics Training - Course 1
  • Essentrics Training - Course 2

3 required elective courses:

  • Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 1 (Anatomy and Kinesiology)
  • Introduction to Exercise Science - Level 2 (Exercise Physiology)
  • Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques

You must begin with the Essentrics Training - Course 1 before taking the Essentrics Training – Course 2. The above elective courses can be taken at any time, and in any order, however, it is highly recommended that you begin with Introduction to Exercise Science, Level I and Level II before completing the Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques course. The entire program can be completed in as little as five months but you must complete the requirements within two-years.

Certificate Core Course Descriptions

Essentrics Training - Course 1

In Course 1 students will learn the fundamental principles of the Essentrics program from basic anatomy, techniques, objectives, exercises and physiology. Students also will learn how to teach their first pre-choreographed workout #1. At the end of Course 1, students will be able to teach a simple Essentrics workout. 

Essentrics Training - Course 2

Course 2 content students will learn:

  • Over 33 Essentrics trademark exercises
  • Over 50 unique flexibility exercises
  • Over 50 unique Essentrics strengthening and slenderizing exercises
  • How to build a safe Essentrics workout
  • How to achieve maximum flexibility
  • How to use Essentrics theories, techniques and exercises for effective toning, strengthening and slenderizing of the muscles
  • How to use flexibility and strength to increase the rate of healing
  • How to view the body as one unit with all muscles related through a series of indirect chains and not to view the body as a series of individual muscle groups.
  • How to protect the body from future injury by preparing it for all forms of rigorous sports and exercise.
  • How to seamlessly transition from one exercise to the next
  • How to slow down and reverse aging
  • How to slow down and reverse weight gain
  • How to prevent and heal injuries
  • In Course 2 students will also learn to teach pre-choreographed routine #2

CLICK HERE for the 3 required elective course descriptions.

At the end of course 2 students will be fully certified ESSENTRICS (Esmonde Technique) instructors.  To receive the college certificate of completion, students must also complete the 3 required elective courses.